My Film Gear

This is most of the stuff I use to film when I’m doing a big video (which isn’t as often as I’d like).  I don’t always bring everything but if I can carry it all, or get my brother to carry some of it, each piece of equipment helps to create a better film.  Certain adventures are just too rough to carry all this gear and the heavier things get left behind. 

It has taken me a very long time and all of my money to buy this equipment.  I also started out with basic cameras and gradually moved from camera to camera as I learned how to use them and learned what I wanted/needed in a camera.  No camera is perfect (so far).  Many cameras that are great for video, are poor for still images and many that are great for images are poor for video.  My dream camera will be good for video and stills, full-frame and mirrorless.  Some companies are getting close to the perfect camera, some are getting left behind in the dust. 

Some of my adventure gear

My Backpacking Backpack:

This backpacking backpack I use for hauling tents, sleeping bags, climbing gear etc.  Most notably, I used it to climb Mount Rainier and to hike to Mount Everest base camp.  It’s kinda heavy and expensive but it fits and functions very well.  I got it for half-price after someone returned it ‘used’ to a store…

My Old Faithful Camera:

This was the first DSLR camera I ever bought.  It’s responsible for the majority of the images on this website and has been with me to Nepal, Yosemite, and everywhere in between.  It produces good images for the price and provides some okay video as well.  Filmed My Everest Video with it.

My Boots:

Like I mentioned above, I am so happy with these boots that I love telling everyone about them.  The have saved my feet so many times, I can’t even count.  I was lost once on the way to Everest, had to walk through a bunch of snow and an ice-cold river.  The boots were completely waterproof until the water went over my ankles 🙁 

My Portable Travel Tripod:

When I don’t want to bring or carry a real tripod, I bring this mini tripod.  It’s a lot easier to fit into a backpack… 

My Mini Backpack:

I use this for snowboarding, mountain biking, road biking or for walking around cities that I travel to when I don’t want a full size backpack.  Think of it as my ‘man-purse’.

My Headlamp:

I use this light all the time during camping trips.  It’s more functional and better than a regular flashlight.  Coming home from Half-Dome it was pitch black in the woods and me and Cody would have been completely lost for an 8 mile hike through a bear-infested woods..  Watch me and Cody climb Half-Dome alone HERE.

Our 5 person Tent:

We have used this plenty of times, it’s very easy and fast to set up, not light though, you wouldn’t want to carry this far, but great for camping with a bunch of friends.  My brother, Colin, Cody and I just used this to camp in Iceland.