My website (1lifeonearth) was completely down for a couple weeks because of some major coding errors. My great friend William (a coding master!) fixed everything for me and got the site back up and running, good as new. William and I have been the best of friends since middle school and I am so happy to know him. Thanks Willy 🙂 Picture: Me and William becoming BB gun masters, at his cabin when we were kids.

Find Your Next Adventure

Don't Wait

My name is Kevin.  I work long weeks of overtime for roughly five months out of the year in order to save up the money, and more importantly, create periods of unlimited time to explore the world.  I don’t believe in working a, “normal” 9-5 job in an office, and repeating the same day, week after week.  I believe the white picket fence has its value, but not today… not yet.  I choose to live life differently, to break away from the herd and to take a genuine attempt at reaching the proverbial stars. 

This is it.  This is your only chance on this pale blue dot and we owe it to ourselves to make it count.  Don’t wait until you have enough time, don’t wait until you have enough money, don’t wait until you’re too old and frail to get out of bed and leave your house.  The opportune moment may never come, and it is up to YOU to make the decision to start living. The world outside your front door is calling, and my advice, stories and two cents are here if you would like some friendly guidance along the way.  So put aside your cell phone, get up from your computer and go explore, adventure and pioneer.

We only have 1 life on earth.

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."  -Carl Sagan